Macerator Pumps

Macerator Pumps are designed to empty your holding tanks and include a bronze cutter to grind waste down to small particle size.  By grinding down the particles, it makes it possible to eject them (pump out) through the discharge nozzle of the pump.  They are typically used to empty holding tanks, waste tanks, and other applications.

Electric macerator pumps can pump holding tanks and certain types of toilets and some can be used as macerators. They are not to be confused with Type I or II marine sanitation devices (MSDs).

Macerator pumps are self-priming impeller pumps with a grinding or rotary cutter inside the macerator pump housing that shreds small particles sufficiently to be ejected.

Macerator pumps can be installed by the average boat or RV owner with basic tools.  When working with electricity, it is always a good idea to have experience in that area or to consult an experienced professional.

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